Do you have a well or spring in Montgomery County?

Do you wonder if your water is safe to drink?

The Virginia Household Water Quality Program offers affordable water testing and education to improve the water quality and health of Virginians who rely on wells and springs.


How does it work?

Participants pick up test kits with instructions on a designated day and time, at a designated collection point.  Participants collect their samples and drop them off on a designated day and time, at a designated collection point.  Water is analyzed on the Virginia Tech campus for 14 water quality parameters. Once analysis is complete, results are returned via email or mail along with a presentation link that will help you understand your results and any actions you may need to take. 

Our Schedule

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Date and Time


Pick up sample kit

(pick one date/location)

April 19th 5-6:30 pm – Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville

April 21st 5-6:30 pm – Farm Bureau Peppers Ferry Rd Christiansburg

April 23rd 5-6:30 pm – McCoy Fire Department

April 26th 5-6:30 pm – HABB1* Building Virginia Tech

April 19-27 – Montgomery County Office Building (Suite 1G 755 Roanoke St. Christiansburg (PLEASE CALL AHEAD 382-5790 and pick up during business hours)

Collect samples on Wed, April 28 first thing in the morning and drop off samples



April 28, 2021

7:30 – 10 am

Meadowbrook Public Library Shawsville

Farm Bureau Peppers Ferry Rd Christiansburg

McCoy Fire Department

HABB1 Building Virginia Tech (1230 Washington St. SW)

Montgomery County Office Bldg Suite 1G

(755 Roanoke St. Christiansburg)

Results will be mailed or emailed to you

After June 2, 2021

Presentation link will be provided via email. We are available to answer questions and ensure you understand the results!

*HABB1 is the Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1, located at 1230 Washington St SW, at the corner of Duck Pond Drive and Washington Street.

Testing includes:



Coliform bacteria





E. coli bacteria





Total Dissolved Solids






Cost: $60*/sample kit.

Please pre-register as soon as possible, as space is limited.  This registration site will close on 4/26/21.

All participant information is kept strictly confidential

*Scholarships are available for residents in Montgomery county with funding from the Virginia Environmental Endowment’s Community Conservation Program. Contact Erin Ling (ejling@vt.edu or 540-231-9058) for a coupon code!


Preferred Method

REGISTER ONLINE WITH A CREDIT CARD: Click on Register Now on the right side of this page. If you have any trouble with registration, please contact our helpline by email at vceprograms@vt.edu.

Other Option

REGISTER IN PERSON**: Checks will also be accepted when you pick up your kit.  Be sure to make checks payable to Treasurer of Virginia Tech.

**Your registration is not complete until payment has been received.


REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be given after April 26, 2021.  Any refunds issued will incur a $5 processing fee.


For more information about the program, visit http://www.wellwater.bse.vt.edu/

If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services or other accommodations to participate in this activity, please contact Dawn at 540-745-9307 during business hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to discuss accommodations 5 days prior to the event. *TDD number is (800) 828-1120.


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