Agriculture programs help sustain the profitability of agricultural production and enhance and protect the quality of our land and water resources. Virginia Cooperative Extension strives to improve the well-being of Virginians and increase producers' profitability through programs that help put research-based knowledge to work in people's lives.

Program Streams

102323 - N-Stafford-PAR-01-2022 PD16 Commercial Applicator Recertification Program
102324 - Franklin - Equipment WISE & Cattle WISE
102326 - 2023 Winchester Area Tree Fruit Extension Programs Sponsorships NEW
AAEC-NCCC-134 - NCCC-134: Conference on Applied Commodity Price Analysis, Forecasting, and Market Risk Management
BSE-VAHWQP-PW - 2023 Prince William County Virginia Household Water Quality Program NEW
BSE-VAHWQP-SE - 2023 Southeast Virginia Household Water Quality Program NEW
C-02-0049 - Greensville/Emporia Commercial Pesticide Recertification, Categories 3A, 3B, 8, and 60
C-02-0050 - Blackstone Commercial Pesticide Recertification, Categories 3A, 3B, 6, and 60
C-2023-01 - 2023 Central VA Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Training
C-DANVILLE-CPAR-01 - 2022 "Last Call" Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification
CNRE-SBIO-04 - Thermally Modified Wood: A Sustainable Alternative
CNRE-SBIO-05 - Forest Products Innovation Technology Summit
ENTO-IIL-03 - Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Training
FST-FS-FM-02 - Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce - Produce Growers/Farmers Market Produce Vendors (Virtual Program)
FST-HFP-01 - Home Food Preservation (Virtual Program)
FST-PSA-GT-01 - Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course (Virtual Program)
FST-PSA-H2O-01 - Bridging the GAPs: Approaches for Treating Preharvest Agricultural Water On-Farm Training Course (Virtual Program)
N-03-0034 - Woods In Your Backyard Field Day
N-03-0035 - Greater Piedmont Farmland Marketing Conference
N-03-0037 - 2022 Vegetation Management (VegMan) Workshop
N-GREENE-FS-01 - Rules to Reality: An Online, Self-Paced Food Safety Course
N-LOUDOUN-FS-01 - Produce Safety Worker Health, Hygiene and Training (Virtual Program)
N-LOUDOUN-IWFP-01 - Blue Ridge Introduction To Whole Farm Planning
N-LOUDOUN-WQ-01 - Loudoun County Water Testing for Coliform Bacteria and E.coli
NE-CHEST-HLHH-01 - Healthy Land for Healthy Horses - Pasture Management Short Course
NE-HAN-ANRSPONSOR-01 - Hanover County- ANR Program Sponsorship 2023 NEW
NE-HAN-COMMPEST-01 - 2023 Commercial Pesticide Certification Preparation Course NEW
NE-HENRICO-4H-READ - Just R.E.A.D. At-Home Learning Kits
NW-FRED-CPAR-01 - 2023 Northern Shenandoah Valley Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Program
SE-02-0052 - Greensville/Emporia Building a Raised Garden Workshop
SE-02-0053 - Greensville/Emporia Growing Cut Flowers at Home
SE-IOW-ROCKBRIDGE-01 - Rockbridge Agritourism Workshop
SE-NH-CPAR-01 - Eastern Shore Commercial Pesticide Recertification
SE-NN-MFEV-01 - 2023 Hampton Roads Master Financial Education Volunteer Training NEW
SE-NORFOLK-CPAR-01 - Virginia Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Training
SE-VB-CPAR-01 - Virginia Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification
SE-VSAREC-HACCP-01 - Basic Seafood HACCP Training NEW
SE-VSAREC-SCP-01 - Sanitation Control Procedures Training NEW
SE-YORK-CPAR-01 - Hampton Roads Commercial Pesticide Recertification
SPES-CFA-01 - Certified Fertilizer Applicator Training (Virtual Program)
SPES-CFA-SH-01 - Recertification Fertilizer Applicator: Soil Health (Virtual Program) NEW
SPES-CFA-SSP-01 - Recertification Fertilizer Applicator: VA Soils and Soil Properties (Virtual Program)
SPES-CFA-ST-01 - Recertification Fertilizer Applicator: Soil Testing (Virtual Program)
SPES-DESJMG-02 - 2023 Soil Science, Soil Fertility, and Turf Production School
SPES-HORT-02 - Hydroponic Greenhouse Systems Workshop
SPES-SBP-01 - 2022 Southern Soybean Breeder's Tour
SPES-TURF-01 - 2022-23 VT School of Turfgrass Ecology and Management (Virtual Program)
SPES-TURF-IS-01 - VCE Certified Turfgrass Professional Independent Study Program (Virtual Program)
SW-LEE-ANR-01 - Farm to Table Dinner
SW-LEE-ANR-02 - Cumberland Gap Cattle Conference
SW-LEE-ANR-03 - Bristol Steer and Heifer Show NEW
SW-PULSK-ANR-KF22-01 - 2022 Kentland Farm Field Day
SW-WISE-ANR-AP-22 - Wise County-Apple Grafting Workshop 2022
SW-WISE-ANR-CBC-22-1 - Coalfield Beekeeping Conference 2023 NEW
VTPP-PAR-01 - 2022 Online Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification
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