Whether young or old, male or female, tall or short, everyone needs to eat. Food is the cornerstone for survival. We also know that what you eat and drink and how much affects your health. Everyone can afford to eat better and everyone needs to be active, especially with skyrocketing health care costs. Food, nutrition, and health are important for each and every person:

  • Almost one in five children are considered overweight
  • Foodborne illnesses account for 76 million illnesses each year
  • Seven of every ten Americans die from preventable chronic diseases like heart disease


C-SSMGR-BED - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Lynchburg)
C-SSMGR-EXAM-BED - ServSafe® Manager Exam ONLY – Bedford
C-SSMGR-EXAMONLY-MEC - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Exam ONLY - Mecklenburg
C-SSMGR-PATRICK - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Patrick) NEW
FST-FS-FM-02 - Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce - Produce Growers/Farmers Market Produce Vendors (Virtual Program)
FST-HFP-01 - 2021 Home Food Preservation (Virtual Program) NEW
FST-VT-0200-001 - Cider & Perry Production – Foundation
HNFE-BLD-01 - Balanced Living with Diabetes
HNFE-DPP-01 - 2020 VCE Prevent T2 Diabetes Prevention Program
HNFE-FNP-01 - Teen Cuisine Training
N-LOUDOUN-FS-01 - Produce Safety Worker Health, Hygiene and Training (Virtual Program)
N-PW-VEG-01 - Vegetable Gardening (Virtual Program)
N-SSMGR-02 - ServSafe® Manager Training (Leesburg)
N-SSMGR-CUL - ServSafe® Manager Training (Culpeper, Rapidan)
N-SSMGR-EXAM-MAD - ServSafe® Manager Exam ONLY – Madison
N-SSMGR-EXAMONLY-01 - ServSafe® Manager Exam ONLY - Spotsylvania
N-SSMGR-ORA - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Madison, Orange)
N-SSMGR-ROCKINGHAM - ServSafe® Manager Training (Augusta, Rockingham)
N-SSMGR-SPOTSYLVANIA - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Spotsylvania, Stafford)
SE-KW-BREAD-001 - King William/King and Queen-Bread, Butter and Jam Project Kit
SE-SSMGR-SURRY - ServSafe® Manager Training (Surry)
SW-SSMGR-EXAM-FLO - ServSafe® Manager Exam ONLY – Floyd
SW-SSMGR-FLO - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Christiansburg, Floyd)
SW-SSMGR-PUL - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Giles, Pulaski)
SW-SSMGR-ROA - ServSafe® Manager Training (Roanoke)
SW-SSMGR-WYTHE - 2021 ServSafe® Manager Training (Hillsville, Independence, Wytheville)
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